torsdag 4. mai 2017

REQ 004 Jeg falt - Levendenedfallsfrukt (C-90) MC (1983).

Jeg falt rerelease from a Nirvana Tapes release that came out in one copy only! Even the band themself hasn`t got the original release. Jeg falt was an experimental new wave duo (sometimes trio) that was located in Narvik and later in Oslo. Released several tapes while active. Members from Jeg falt had solo projects before, at the same time, and after Jeg falt. Free download here.

All covers to this release was hand made and completly different to each other. Last track (B10) is in fact the sound off the band cleaning up their appartment to move away from Narvik in Norway.

Later rereleased on Paranoia Is Freedom (PIF 38) label. More info here

Track listing;
A1 Ingen sannsynlig negativ virkning (Smeden er vår nabo)
A2 Materializtik Explààning
A3 Ingen sannsynlig positiv virkning (Smeden er vår nabo)
A4 Fisherman's Son Spot The Evolution (Utdrag) (Coz You Got Great Hair-Atribute To Gong Ca. 1969)
A5 E=MC2 (So) X2+1
A6 Den system (Believe It Or Not)
A7 Ecczistenzializm
A8 Muzik & Poetica (Spontanizmus)
A9 Jederman Sein Eigne Fuzball
A10 Die Pleite (Für George Gosz)
A11 Die Automatische Aschriften (Far Away)
A12 Deklamerte sjølkritikk
A13 Folkemengde forsvunne i Setesdal
B1 Muzik & Magnetica & Elvis
B2 Ka faen va d hær
B3 What's Up In South Afrika. There's A Link Somewhere
B4 Lets Go To The Disco
B5 Ian Curtis ble gravlagt før jeg fikk mitt første anfall av stigmatiske vibrasjoner
B6 Borgeran e iInne (Takk førr det)
B7 Glitterin Glass & Stars & Tears (Kiss & A Jerk)
B8 Future Plans
B9 Computer Kids At Camp
B10 Wife Abuse (Then They Make Love)
B11 Organ
B12 Move It All

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