torsdag 4. mai 2017

REQ 006 various artists - Die Young, Stay Pretty (C-60) MC (1984)

A punk compilation with European, Australian and American bands. Got a review in Maximum Rock´n´Roll, and sold ca 100 copies.In other words "a best seller".

More info here.

Track listing;
A3 Rattus - Ei Vihnaa, Ei Kateutta
A4 Skjit-Lars – Ein skigard
A5 Bloody Riot – C.I.S.
A6 SWA – Anarki
A7 Fatal Existence – Alinated
A10 Diet Of Worms – Wild Thing (live)
A11 Skjit-Lars – Æ vil spy på verden
A14 Bleah – Live at Hunstadsentret
A16 Civil Dissident - Exhibition A-An Ego Trip
B2 Bleah – Live at Gimle
B3 Rattus – WholeLotta Rosie
B4 Fatal Existence – We Don´t Want It
B5 X - ? (live)
B6 Skjit-Lars – Alt går til helvete
B7 Blå-s – Lillegutt
B8 SWA – De Control
B9 Civil Dissident – Tell Me The Solution
B10 Mental Crisis – Names Don´t Matter
B11 Diet Of Worms – Happy And Dumb
B12 Diet Of Worms – I Was A Poser
B13 Dead Virgins – World War Three
B14 Bloody Riot – Naia De Merda
B15 Chronic Disorder – Blood And Honor

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