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XP 11 NXP - One Minute Later (DL) (5 March 2011)

"One Minute Later" is a free album for everyone to share (as long as no one charges anyone for this music). It is released by both Go To Gate Records (GO TO DL 20) and Requiem Productions (XP 11).

The album was partly done after listening to one off NXPs favorite albums "Commercial Album" by The Residents and partly after contributing to Hal McGees International Email Audio Art Project, so many thanx to them both. After this he was into the groove and made several one minute tracks and love the restriction in time. After a while he had to draw a line and concluded if Residents could do 40 tracks, so can NXP. Well here is the results and it is for your pleasure only.

Free download (including cover) here; Internet Archive or NXP bandcamp.

More info here 

PS if you put it out on a blog or whatever, please send me a link and thank you in advance for promoting this album.  

Track listing:
1 1 Minute #2 (Remix)
2 Any Questions (Remix)
3 Say His Death Was An Accident
4 A Series Of Sounds
5 #14-16
6 Recreating A Nerve Disease In Order To Study It
7 Communication Breakdown
8 Noise As The Basis Of Culture
9 Noe
10 What Ever Happened To Heavy Metal
11 A Hommage
13 Scream (Slow Extract)
14 And It’s Being Fixed (To Soon, To Short, Today Mix) (Extended)
15 Life....(Second Edition)
16 P'yongyang
17 X
18 When Looking In The Past
19 Carefully Prepared Ice Towards A Target Area (Excerpt)
20 Fly
21 A Big Job
22 Let Them Hear The Sinking Ship (In The Night)
23 Break On Through (To The Other Side)
24 Edvard
25 Tra #2 (Extract)
26 Glass
27 Last Train Leaving Tokyo Tonight
28 Against The Bricks...Again And Again And No More
29 D.I.Y.
30 A Serious Hazard In The Engine Room
31 Cross Fading Possibilities
32 A Question... (Oh No Not Again)
33 I`m Stuck With A Broken TV From A Bankrupt Retailer.
34 Unbreakable Encryption
35 Wave Goodbye
36 Traffic Jam Symphony
37 Not The Painter (But The Living Always Continue)
38 X File (Radio Mix)
39 Abstract Waving
40 The End

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