lørdag 6. mai 2017

REQ 555 various artists - Fuckin`North Pole Punk Rock Collection Vol. 1 (7” EP) (2000)

EP with insert. Released in 300 hand numbered copies that was on three different coloured vinyl in 100 copies each. The colours was red, green and blue. Off each colour there was 50 copies with the Requiem ps and 50 with the Underground cover. Joint released between Requiem Productions and Underground Records. (scan off the Requiem ps)

More info here

Track listing:
A1 Nikkeby lufthavn - I`m In & I`m Out
A2 Nagasaki - Deathcrush
A3 The Nihilists - Don`t You Lie To Me
A4 Skjit-Lars - Sveins multifiber/.....og vitaminer
B1 Null$katte$nylterne - Harmoni
B3 Preslex - The Code

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