lørdag 6. mai 2017

REQ 444 Hjertesvikt A/S /Norgez bank - Split (7" EP) (1999)

Splitt EP between Hjertesvikt A/S and Norgez bank. This 7" came with insert. Released togheter with Underground Records. 100 numbered copies in blue vinyl with insert and 100 copies on white vinyl with insert. Some copies on blue vinyl was used as promo as well, and those was without ps. 

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Track listing:
A1 Norgez bank - Berlin
A2 Norgez bank - Kollisjonskurs
B1 Hjertesvikt A/S - Lillegutt
B2 Hjertesvikt A/S - Moderne industri
B3 Hjertesvikt A/S – Purken

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