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REQ 666 NXP/ Kjetil Hanssen - Split (7" EP/Album) (27 October 2011)

This is a 7" limited edition album (!) off 234 copies (92 black, 96 red and 46 green vinyls). Comes with an insert. Each side ends with a locked groove, intended to make this an album rather than a EP since the playing time on each side is endless. Joint released together with Ambolthue Records.

No A-/B-side on this record! No writing on label indicating wich side you are playing.

Kjetil Hanssen side to be played at 33.3RPM.
NXP side to be played at 45 revolutions.

Reviewed in Vital Weekly (#811);
There is also a new 7", with three short tracks by NXP on one side and one longer piece by Kjetil Hanssen on the other. Things have changed, after some failed 7" releases in the 80s. NXP's tracks all revolve about heavy rhythm, feeding through some effects to create industrial distortion. Since time is limited, these are all to the point. Excellent. Kjetil Hanssen is sometimes known as Torstein Wjiik, when it comes to harsh noise and is from younger generation of Norway's Noise scenery. Under his own name he creates far more interesting music, not entirely free of noise either, but certainly not HNW either. He uses samples without permition [sic] from Marhaug, Stine K and Swamps up Nostrils and with these he creates a rather lo-fi set of electronic sounds, densely layered. Perhaps a bit unfocussed. Both sides end in a lockgroove, so remixers have more fun out of this. Nice one. (FdW)  

More info here

Track listing:
Kjetil Hansen side: 1 Forcing Kids Into Dark Spaces With Pictures Of Female Singers From The 17th                                    Century
NXP side: 1 Let Them Hear The Sinking Ship (In The Night)
NXP side: 3 Noise As The Basis Of Culture

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