fredag 5. mai 2017

REQ 019CD Asod dvi - We Live In Black, And Die In White (CDr) (2015).

Track 1-10 was originaly on a master tape that was lost in 1985 and was presumed gone forever. So the duo made another album with the same title and catalogue number that was released in 1988. In 2015 the lost master was found and has been digitaly remastered for this release, that includes both the lost master and the 1988 release.

Track 11-16 was originaly released in an hermetic closed metal can that includes a cassette, post art and the post art map "21-1" (second print)

Both members off Asod Dvi has one solo track each on this release, track 12 and 15. Limited edition of 30 hand numbered copies.

More info here.

Track listing:
1 Asod dvi – Another Date
2 Asod dvi – Between Empty Walls
3 Asod dvi – Chatant La Dans Couple
4 Asod dvi – The Intense Moment
5 Asod dvi – A.D. Sakarov
6 Asod dvi – Too A Close Friend
7 Asod dvi – Dans Une Afrique
8 Asod dvi – Frequency Modulation
9 Asod dvi – Symphony Of Tomorrow
10 Asod dvi – I´m Not Patriotic
11 Asod dvi – Orgasm In A Plastic Bullet
12 DSD – Remix Manifesto
13 Asod dvi – Too Many Risks (Fellatiomix)
14 Asod dvi – Messed Up (Brain Damadge)
15 NXP – Percussion Overture
16 Asod dvi – The Rythm (edit)

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