fredag 5. mai 2017

REQ 021 Fâlx Çèrebri - Rite 64 (C-60) MC (1985)

The tape was originally released in Germany by Graf Haufen Tapes, but simultanously also issued by various tape labels allover the world. Graf Haufen Tapes supplied the masters and the covers. The backflip of the cover was left empty on the print to be filled with the address and catalog number from the issuing label. This is the rerelease for Norway. About 20 copies was sold.

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Track listing:
A2 Lymphonoduli Aggregati
A3 Ligamentum Hepataduodenale
A4 From Inside Out
A8 Untitled I
B1 Untitled 2
B2 Hai-Phong
B3 Nominon
B6 Klimax
B8 Heavy Metal Cut Up
B9 Black Out
B10 Drum Cut Up
B11 This Is Ya Musick


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