lørdag 6. mai 2017

REQ 1515 PLX 15 - Kort prosess (C-30) MC (1987).

The first 15 copies in a limited edition cover that was completly different to the unlimited cover version that has been used since. Was originaly to be released on SRD Tapes but since it never came over there (except as a promo edition), we just had to release this great album. Later rereleased on Paranoia Is Freedom (PIF 21) and on the Eine Keine Angst Musik blog. Free download here.

More info here

Track listing:
A1 Intro
A2 Ta Livet Av En Drøm
A3 De sterke
A4 Den naiveste låta
A5 Amen
A6 Naturkick
B1 Togreisen
B2 Ode til en kjær venn (Cure på Kalvøya)
B4 Hippia & andre ting som ikke virka
B5 Midnattsbarn (Pønkelåta)
B6 Min undertrykte kjærlighet (?)


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