lørdag 6. mai 2017

TFJ 001 Terror for Jesus - Introducing Yo core! (7" EP) (2002)

Terror for Jesus only EP has a cult status today, and has been for free download on a lot of punk blogs around the world. Came with booklet, inserts and a badge. All came in a A4 plastic bag. Limited edition of 10 hand numbered copies. Later reissued on Paranoia Is Freedom (PIF 20). Free download here.

More info here

Track listing:
A1 Et tall i statistikken
A3 Lesbian Toesuckers
A4 When The Shah Sleeps In Lee Harvey's Grave
A5 Indianersangen
A6 Don`t Weep.....
B1 To menneska
B2 Leaving Us As Soon?

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