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XP 9 NXP - Beauty Takes Out The Worst In People (CDr) (27 October 2011)

This album shows a more rhythmic attitude than before, from this experimental musician and composer. As always he is exploring new musically territory. This time with tracks he thinks is pop, but that says more about his mind than anything else.

Released in slim DVD cover. Also released on NXP Bandcamp. More info here.

Reviewed in Vital Weekly (#811);
Tore Stemland's musical history goes back many years. He was a member of Asod Dvi and Psykisk Tortur in the 80s as well as various punk bands. Nekro XP was also in those the name for his solo project, later shortened to NXP. This new album is his 11th as NXP since 1984 and released on his own Requiem productions. In this album he wants to combine his various interests in creating music: "field recordings, avant-garde, rhythmic noise and other forms of music in that field", and that is indeed what he does here. The rhythmic noise has the upper hand here, and it makes that the album is perhaps a bit dated. Maybe the addition of Jim Jones talking helped that idea a bit. The use of spoken word returns in a few other pieces, and the whole thing sounds pretty retro: good lo' classic industrial music. Minimal rhythms, fed through a bunch of sound effects/synthesizers and such like, as said with occasional use of spoken word. Sometimes the variation is a bit poor per track, and it gets stuck in a few loops for a bit too much time. But the closing title, also by far the longest of this release, the rhythm is surprisingly absent and we have a fine piece of ambient drone music, and here the length works quite well. Maybe those roads are to be explored more and move away from the same what dated old rhythmic sound? Unless of course its this variation he wants so much.  

Track listing:
1 Let Them Hear It In The Night (And Never Let It Happen Again)
3 Waves Of Life (Angus 5)
4 Your Country Needs You
5 #5
6 Bar Loop In India
7 Hall Of Monuments
8 Inner Ear Mindblow
9 Roswell 1947
10 Image Cearfully Removed (ICR)
11 Apollo 11
12 Beauty Takes Out The Worst In People

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