fredag 5. mai 2017

XP 4 NXP - Mekanikk (C-60) MC (1986)

Fourth album from NXP. More info here.

Track listing:
A1 LR 44 (Live På I.C., 1/7-85)
A2 T.E.A.W.Z.V.
A3 2/2/1 (Part One)
A4 Faustrecht
A6 Noice And Rythm (Music For The Chosen One's)
A7 2/2/1 (Second Part)
A8 A Miniature (Just For You)
A9 LOOK!!! Nancy Is Scratching.....(1 & 2)
A10 Berøvelse og distansering
A11 Electric
B2 Another World (Second Mix)
B3 Constructions
B4 No Space Left For Me?
B5 Elektro-encefalografi
B6 Etrusca Disciplina
B7 Deutsch Mess
B8 Your Father Is Dead
B9 ..........I Don't

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