fredag 5. mai 2017

REQ 024 various artists - Katacombe vol 2 (C-90) MC (1985)

Norwegian official rerelease (includes two inserts). Non profit release, used to be available for blank tape and stamps or production price. The tape was compiled by Karsten Rodemann and distributed as well from several other labels. The whole Katacombe series available from the Wet Dreams blog.

More info here

Track listing:
A2 Vous – Untitled
A5 Hapunkt Fligenstrumpf – Untitled
A6 Neo Zelanda – Untitled
A7 Asod dvi – Untitled
A9 Fem Diriö – Untitled
A10 Diseno Corbusier – Untitled
A11 Der 7.versuch – Untitled
A12 Tranquilizer And Electricity – Untitled
B5 Bande Berne Crematoire – Untitled
B8 The Haters – Untitled
B9 Dr. Strangelove – Untitled
B10 Das Syntetische Mischgewebe – Untitled
B11 Guerra Pagan – Untitled
B12 Vous – Untitled

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