fredag 5. mai 2017

REQ 019 Asod dvi - We Live In Black, And Die In White (C-20) MC (1988).

Cassette and inserts in a hermetic closed metal can that includes a cassette, post art and the post art map "21-1" (look at REQ 043 for more information on the post art map) in a second print that counted 20 copies. The box was a limited edition of 20 hand numbered copies. Both members off Asod Dvi has one solo track each on this release.

More info here

Track listing:
A1 Asod dvi – Orgasm In A Plastic Bullet
A2 DSD – Remix Manifesto
A3 Asod dvi – Too Many Risks (Fellatiomix)
B1 Asod dvi - Messed Up (Brain Damadge)
B2 NXP - Percussion Overture
B3 Asod dvi – The Rythm (edit)
Front of the box

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