torsdag 4. mai 2017

REQ 005 various artists - Quest ce quil y a? (C-90) MC (1983).

Cover was a A5 paperbag with two inserts. This was the first compilation on Requiem Productions, and was highly inspired the Wild Planet series in Sounds music magazine. Unkown how many coies, but less than 30 was made. Music was in a range from experimental to new wave.

More info here.

Track listing;
A2 " "PartII
A9 Unit 731 – Born To Fly
A12 Enhänta bödlar - Vårkänslor
B2 Termisk sammenbrudd - Salami
B4 Der akteur - Theme From ‘Material For Tore’
B6 " " Part – I
B7 Pascal And Luc - Indian Speaks
B10 Mike Vargas - Edition 3-20-84, No. 2/ Breastmilk
B11 H.C. Electronic Orchestra - AK’s forlis (A Requiem)
End chant (both sides)

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